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Certificate in AutoCAD [Mechanical

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Certificate in AutoCAD [Mechanical FIZIKA MIND [Computer Education for B.Tech Student] Kipps Inclave, Shastri Nagar, Bareilly, UP, India Ph: 9259436235 Certificate in AutoCAD [Mechanical Engineering ] Classroom Tuition Fee: Rs.2500/- India Tuition Fee: Rs.2500/- (on Skype training) International Tuition: $100/- (on Skype training) Note: 1. Time duration 1 Month for class room and 1+ month on Skype 2. This course is in simple Hindi – English (mix) 3. Skype is for u if u want to learn course at Home with the help recorded video and video calling 4. Exam: Final exam is on line. And all pass students will be awarded Certificate. 5. cccc. 7. Outside INDIA postage and packing will be bear by student. 8. There is no time limit for Slow Lerner. We are taking full care 9. Separate class for Civil and Mechanical Engineering. AUTO CAD Essential: 01. New Page Setup, Qnew, Open, Save, Exit 02. line, circle, arc, 03. Osnap: Endpoint, Intersection, Nearest, Midpoint , Tangent , Center, Free Osnap 04. Line. Ray. Multiline. Polyline 05. Copy. Mirror. Offset. Array. Break. 06. Streth.Lengthen. Trim.Extend.Break.Join. 07. Chamfer. Fillet. 08. 3D Polyline.Polygon. Rectangle.ARC. 09. Move. Rotate. Scale. Measure 10. Table.Hatch. Gradient. Boundary. Wipeout. 11. Block 12. Change to by layer. 13. Object. Clip. Annotative object scale. AutoCAD Advance : 01. 3D in Autocad 02. 3d View Ports. 03. Extrude, Loft, Revolve 04. Solid Editing. Elevation, Thickness 05. 3D Array. 06. 3D Navitigation. Subtract, Intersect, Fillet, Chamfer, Align 07. Lights. 08. Camera Adjustment. 09. Render Views 10. Print Setting For (layouts) international

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Certificate in AutoCAD [Mechanical

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