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Traditional Electric Heating Pad

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Traditional Electric Heating Pad Traditional heating mats have nothing like Carefit Tourmaline Biomat. Although roughly the same size as a regular heating pad, and although it heats your body like a heating pad, those things are about all a Carefit Mat and a heating pad have in common. Heating pads get hot using ceramic coils that can catch fire, whereas a Carefit Biomat also gets warm but heats your body from the inside out so it never gets hot enough to cause fire. Heating pads don't heal; they just radiate heat that alleviates pain. The Carefit Mat serves the same function but also gives your body infrared ray and negative ion therapies, something a heating pad could never do.
Carefit Tourmaline mats are made with a modern technology that provides thermotherapy, infrared ray treatment, a anion rich environment and the gem stone therapy via Gem Stone "Tourmaline". Heating pads just radiate warmth. Care-fit Biomats use new technology heating which reduces electrical consumption 60% or more as compared to other electrical mattresses. Heating pads use a metallic coil to produce heating which consumes more electricity, and possibly causes fire.
Carefit Tourmanium Mats use a special function that emit negative ions and transform positive ions into negative ions in the human body, which then gives strength and energy to the human body and relieve pain. Heating pads generate no negative ions. The reason people feel refreshed near the ocean or deep within a forest is due to an abundance of negative ions. Negative ions form naturally from the earth and when water dissolves into its elements.
Carefit Biomat consists of 220 original high quality tourmanium stones which emit far infrared rays along with plenty of negative ions. This Carefit Mat (TCD) device is easy to use by anyone. You can lay on it, sit on it and fold it on your body parts or joints to get the relief from all type of pains & diseases. Who can benefit from the Carefit Mat? Virtually everyone. We all have bodies that create acidic waste every time we eat, drink, think, exercise, or experience stress etc.
Our typical modern lifestyles tend to prevent enough deep sleep and relaxation free of mental activity for our bodies to keep up with the waste removal process. These wastes get stored in the cells that then become an acidic repository for yeasts, molds, fungi, viruses, unhealthy bacteria, cancers, and diseases to thrive. Anyone wishing to restore their body, or diagnosed with a ‘medical condition’ or is merely exposed to an environment that has toxins in it, will receive the benefits from integrating the Carefit Mat into their lives.
What will I experience on Carefit Tourmaline Mat? This will vary from person to person yet here are some typical responses:
* My body relaxed all over!
* There’s a tingling feeling in all of my cells.
* It’s warm and comforting.
 * I feel like I’m nestled in Mom’s arms.
* I feel fully energized!
* I feel relief in Nasal, Throat or Heart Blockage, all kinds of swelling, leg & back pains etc.
* My blood pressure remains controlled.
 * I don’t want to get off the mat!
Can I stay here? It is used as far infrared Light wave Therapy to keep you Healthy and Fit for your whole life. STAY FIT WITH CAREFITT

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Traditional Electric Heating Pad

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