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Technical ceramics C795, C799, C620

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Technical ceramics C795, C799, C620Ceram Intertrade offers you the products of technical ceramics. We supply a wide rank of ceramic seal and regulator rings, tubes, grinded and polished plates and ceramic substrates and carriers for electronic components, ceramics for microwave devices, resistor cores, sleeves and bushes, ceramic guides, eyelets, rollers, ceramic rings, rolls quills, hooks for the needle bar, teeth, combs, brake guides, fittings, insulators, ceramic nozzles for welding, linings, grinding media and other items.

Vacuum ceramics C795, C799, C620, corundum, Al2O3, ZrO2, technical ceramics, electro-porcelain, steatite, zirconia ceramics, porous filter ceramics (ceramic foam filters). Heat-resistant, thermal shock resistant and wear-resistant ceramic. We accept the orders for manufacturing of ceramic products with simple and complex configurations according to your specific drawings and technical requirements. Glazing and solder plating metallization of ceramics are also available.
 Our tel.: +49 89 381 69 44 70, +49 89 381 69 44 71,
fax: +49 89 381 69 44 79,
e-mail: info@ceramintertrade.de,
Web: http://ceramintertrade.de/

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Technical ceramics C795, C799, C620

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