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Summer workshops|Summer camp

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Summer workshops|Summer campFun with Science - 4-7 yrs old Mad Science- 08 -14 yrs old Innovators and Builders- 10-14yrs old Thod Phod ke Sikh -11-14yrs old Butter fly and more -7-12yrs old We believe children learn science with fun activities like these and retain that knowledge as they individually get to do the experiments. visit us on the web at www.discoverylearning.in and check out our face book link or email:dlc@discoverylearning.in.Call me at: 07940055060,8758550976. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoZUrU-qnPkjK7MwG0KS3Dw/feed https://www.facebook.com/pages/Discovery-learning-center/144126975756977 https://twitter.com/scicenter https://www.pinterest.com/scicenter/

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Summer workshops|Summer camp

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