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17 Hitachi Heat Reclaim Chiller - S

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17 Hitachi Heat Reclaim Chiller - SPREFERED DEALER HITACHI AIRCONDITIONERS SYSTEM DESIGNING 102 Aagam Complex Nr. Vasna Tel. exchange Pratapkunj, Vasna, Ahmedabad india Tfax.:- 91 79 26631673 Mobile 9825024651 E-mail :- sdesign_trs@yahoo.com If you are tired with your air conditioning chiller, then you can try the latest Hitachi Heat Recovery Chillers that comes with heat reclaim technology where you can meet the requirement of hot water in a much efficient manner. You need not have to pay anything extra for that and the chillers come with capacities from 35 to 520 TR. You can save up to 6100 units of electricity in a given year for every tonnage of air conditioning that you use. The Hitachi Heat Reclaim Chillers does not involve a lot of investment cost and offers higher returns to the people. The overall construction of the chiller is very simple and its components are made up of copper tubes and stainless steel. The overall working is so simple that you need not have to change its running parameters and other conditions of the unit. The Heat Recovery Chillers from Hitachi does not require any kind of complicated or modified change over and you can operate it in a very steady manner and its main unit of operation is not affected by the hot water system. So with the Heat Reclaim Chillers, you can save in money, maintenance cost, energy make the environment pollution free.

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17 Hitachi Heat Reclaim Chiller - S

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